Thursday, July 31, 2014


Recently, I stumbled upon an interesting article: Can You Be Happy For 100 Days In A Row? At first I thought, Of course I can! What a ridiculous question! but then I read further. The phrase Every day submit a picture of what made you happy! jumped out and tackled me before I could navigate away. As the reality of the commitment the site was asking me to make sunk in, I realized that I couldn't even name one thing that made me happy in the past week. Except for sleep. Being able to shut off the stress of the day by simply closing my eyes made me downright ecstatic. I figured I'd better get on this stat.

I will be posting on my own site, in my own way. Sometimes I will share a picture, but other times it may be an anecdote or just a phrase. Every day, for at least 100 days, I will share something that made me happy - really happy.

This is my journey to happiness: 
DAY 3:

Posing for pictures has always been a problem. As a kid, one blowing out the birthday candles shot would take ten minutes of set up and fifty critiques from my mother. A photo session would always end in fighting and sometimes tears. Forty years later, I am awkward, insecure, and anything but friends with the camera. My kids are constantly yelling at me to "Smile Mom!" and "Stop making that weird face Mom!" It sounds just like when I was younger, except that there is encouragement behind their exclamations, rather than disappointment and disdain.

My children are naturally beautiful, but they are also shining examples of what I long to be - free spirited and proud of who they are inside and out. On days like today, when things don't go smoothly and I'm overwhelmed with tasks to complete, I turn to them to distract me and show me what happiness looks like when I forget. My heart swells when I watch them taking crazy selfies for Snapchat or Instagram and sometimes I let go and join in because around them, happiness is contagious. 


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