Wednesday, September 3, 2014


My daughter and I were debating the age old question of teen girls vs moms. I complained, "You guys have so many groups! The jocks, hipsters, nerds... You kids don't know who you are." She looked at me as only Bella can, serious, yet full of sassy rebellion and came back with, "Well for you guys it's easy. You only have one group - old and wrinkly."

And so we got into it. If you are forty and up, read on and embrace your experience and worldly perspective. If you're a teen, keep worrying that everyone is talking about your lazy eye behind your back.

Acne - Teens freak out over it, but I love it. The bigger my breakout, the younger I look. Don't tell me that's not true and that I need to see a dermatologist Bella. Because while you were talking, I turned down the hearing aid you think I need and couldn't hear a word that you said.

Periods - We can agree that PMS and cramps are the worst, but for those of us with kids that are finally in high school and beyond, periods mean not having to change diapers. Those of us with teen girls feel the same relief when they get their period. It's a crazy, hormonal cycle that eventually ends in hot flashes and yearnings for grandchildren that come with their own poop handlers.

Tanning (lack of) - We worry about getting skin cancer and dying in two months, and teens think that skin cancer won't ever affect them - but acne? They believe that the tiny breakout on their foreheads is really all over their bodies. And the only cure? Some Clearasil and a deep dark tan.

Being Looked At - They'll load selfies on to Instagram all day long, but looking in their direction for longer than a millisecond is "embarrassing", "creepy", and "OMG everyone is staring at the huge zit on my chin!"....even (especially) if you're the teen's parent. For those of us who are forty and over, if someone looks at us for more than the time it takes to mumble "sorry " after bumping into us (because at this age we're virtually invisible), it's considered the best day ever.

Caring About What People Think - Teens do. If forty somethings did, we'd be perpetually tan and there'd be an honest to goodness law about fanny packs in place that would be punishable by death.

Love - This is we can agree on. Sometimes our partners are way different from us and can be really awful, but we want to love and be loved anyway. That is one of the things that always bridges the gap between our generations - along with shoes, ice cream, chocolate, and eventually wine.

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