Saturday, August 2, 2014


Recently, I stumbled upon an interesting article: Can You Be Happy For 100 Days In A Row? At first I thought, Of course I can! What a ridiculous question! but then I read further. The phrase Every day submit a picture of what made you happy! jumped out and tackled me before I could navigate away. As the reality of the commitment the site was asking me to make sunk in, I realized that I couldn't even name one thing that made me happy in the past week. Except for sleep. Being able to shut off the stress of the day by simply closing my eyes made me downright ecstatic. I figured I'd better get on this stat.

I will be posting on my own site, in my own way. Sometimes I will share a picture, but other times it may be an anecdote or just a phrase. Every day, for at least 100 days, I will share something that made me happy - really happy.

This is my journey to happiness: 

DAY 4:

It was a long day, full of work and planning my daughter's graduation party. I was exhausted but not nearly finished with my TO DO list for tomorrow's festivities. My two younger kids, also beat, but always ready for a late night shopping spree, came with me to get ice. Just when I thought the day was going to end without anything happy to post, I found myself in front of Pathmark's freezer at 10pm with my crazy kids.

Bella pushes Max away from the freezer, eager to pick up the 8lb bags herself. She finds a lone ice cube that has escaped from one of the bags and hands it to Max. "Here. Hold this." 

Max does as he's told, grinning as he watches her. Just as Bella leans over to pick up the first bag, he quickly drops the ice down the back of her shirt. She yelps and looks at me, eyes wide.

There is nothing happier than the uncontrollable belly laugh. As I let it and the rest of my day go, Bella yells at me through breathless giggles, "But you're supposed to be the mother! Punish him!" She is almost drowned out by mine and Max's laughter, a sound that makes three other customers smile.


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