Sunday, November 4, 2012


Many of our neighborhoods here on the East Coast have been damaged, and in some cases, destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. It's all that anyone can talk about.

The conversations range from extremes like, "My home is no longer standing!" to "I can't watch the Catholic mass on TV because my cable is still out!"

While some may scoff at the lack of cable complaint, both are very real inconveniences to those victims. Both have been impacted by the storm, although in different ways, but their pain is exactly that...THEIR pain.

I am not a lover of cliches for two reasons:
1. In my opinion, OUR WORDS should be our OWN. We have voices, we were granted the gift of intelligence (hey, hey, no wise cracks...this is a time of coming TOGETHER), and we each have a UNIQUE perspective.
2. I have heard too many people use them as conversation filler without feeling the true meaning behind them.

How many of us have said, “everything happens for a reason" and have fully understood why? In extreme cases, like this Frankenstorm, have you stopped to ponder that?

Is it so that our community can come together in the way it has in order to remind individuals of what is really important?

Is it so that those with houses that were decaying and filled with health issues could rebuild and possibly start a chain of events that could change their lives?

In the case of the Catholic quoted above, is it so that shut- ins like that are forced back out into society to do things like experience mass in person and live fuller, happier existences?

A few years ago, I put in a new floor on the lower level of my house. About a week after, I had my first flood in ten years. It destroyed the wood. I was out of money, and the insurance company could not help. I didn't worry about it because it was useless to worry. I let it go and knew that I would figure something out eventually.
Two weeks later, my water heater burst and the floor was drenched again. The buckling was much, much worse this time.

My neighbor came over to look, and I'll never forget what he said: "You have the worst luck. First you have a flood and now your water heater is busted. What else is going to happen to you?"

I stood in front of him and laughed and laughed and laughed.

He looked at me like I was crazy.

I said, "Are you kidding me?! I have the BEST luck ever! The insurance company WILL cover my water heater and all of the damage that resulted. Look at this floor and the walls. A team of experts is coming to dry out the place (they took extra care and went above and beyond because of my kid's allergies and asthma), I will get a new water heater for FREE now rather than later, and best of all, my floor will be replaced. Dude you are in the presence of God and you don't even know it!"

And that’s when I began to look for the meaning behind the moments of darkness that sometimes descend on us.

It took me two weeks to understand that a chain of events like that was necessary because ultimately, I needed a new drain for outside of my home. The previous owners had installed a cup the size of a drinking glass, and it had somehow miraculously worked out for me for ten years, but now I understood why all of THEIR things were on pallets when I had looked at the house originally. My new drain was deep and constructed properly and also FREE...and I've had no worries ever since, even in a storm like Sandy.

It may be months or years before the truth of the divine finger is revealed to some individuals, but if you stay open, you will see...

I have been planning to release my latest work, SUKI on the 17th of this month. The storm had kind of overshadowed my big news, but the more I have been thinking about it, the more I realize that this story is exactly what some may need to hear.
It is about a woman named Savannah who seems to have the perfect life…until the darkness creeps in…in fact it doesn’t creep in, it assaults her to the core…
Out of the drastically wrong turn(s) her reality has taken, she manages to make sense of it and find the light.

My desire is that someone who thinks that there is nothing of value left to hope for, reads SUKI and finds inspiration in the pages. There are others out there that are going through the same thing and worse…we need more role models like Savannah to come out of the woodwork and show us that we can go on to find the light…
Sometimes it’s just the Universe course correcting to keep us on the paths to our true purpose here.

Now if someone could explain to me the meaning of my busted “Y” button on my keyboard, I know I’D feel much better…

SUKI can be found at

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Medic2RN said...

I knew you would turn it around and find the gift and humor in it. You're a unique individual and truly talented!
Atta girl!! :-)