Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I was in the store today when I heard a loud talker. You know the type. Nothing in their lives is off limits, and when someone uses the phrase, "INSIDE VOICE" to one of them, all they hear is those garbled grown-up sounds from the PEANUTS holiday specials.

My loud talker was in the pharmacy picking up only HALF of her prescription. According to her bellowing, it was very expensive and the rest of it "could just sit"... I was very surprised when I heard the pharmacist agree to a partial pickup.

The entire staff talked to her in hushed tones. Maybe they were hoping to lead by example.

Anyhow, after she had enough drugs to make her only HALF well, she stayed and began yelling out insults about herself....

"I'll just go and get my fat ass to work now!"

But she stayed.

"The medicine's not going to do any good anyway!"

Still she stayed.

"I'm not very friendly, so most people don't like me anyway!"

My feelings(and ears)were hurt for her, so I left, while she stayed.

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Javier A. Robayo said...

It takes all kinds...

Will said...

Pity party at the pharmacy, I've got the beer!!

Christina Fifield-Winn said...

Ha ha Will! That's great! CHEERS! *clink*