Monday, April 30, 2012


Who knew that there are so many ways to eat one orange and that all of them combined could sum up my present state of mind? I peel a piece and suck it slowly, lazily, savoring the sweet tangy flavor, feeling like anything is possible and that there is no need to rush.

Breaking off another section, I wolf it down, greedily wanting more, hardly able to control myself, aware that there is so much to experience.

Drawing every bit of juice out of the next, I work hard to make sure no liquid is left, not because I like the taste, or even how it drips down my fingers and on to my arms, but just because I can. It makes me feel powerful, and as a result, like I have finally regained control over some part of my life.

The scent of an orange is fresh and natural. I have just showered, but the citrus smell overpowers my shampoo, my soap, and I find myself hesitating before I wash my hands. For the next few minutes, as I write this, whenever I notice myself slipping into self doubt, sadness, or even anger at the kids for breaking my reverie, I sniff my fingertips and I'm thrust back into the present. The scent reminds me of times past, of a healthier, more confident woman with her whole life still ahead of her, while simultaneously instilling hope for the bright future of a mature mother, still very much a woman, and just as strong; maybe stronger than before.

Who knew that being with an orange for 10 minutes could change someone's life? It makes me wonder: If a seemingly meaningless fruit holds so much potential, what are we (who, at times, fling cruel thoughts of self hatred at our inner child) capable of?

 CF Winn is the award-winning author of The COFFEE BREAK SERIES, a hilarious group of short stories meant to be read while on break or in the waiting room of the doctor's office. Her first novella, SUKI, has been grabbing hearts and hugging souls all over the United States.

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Javier A. Robayo said...

Another spark of genius, amazing how you get so much "juice" out of an orange, the thought flash over a dark velvet background, so typical of the landscape of our minds. Loved it!

Christina Fifield-Winn said...

If only everyone recognized my abilities (or the time I spend thinking about the unusual)in the way that you

El Jefe said...

Just like the orange this story is full of flavor. Very good!!

Christina Fifield-Winn said...

Very witty El Jefe! I like it!