Friday, March 25, 2011

Accolades for KAFE CASTRO

Thank you to my fans for reading and reviewing KAFE CASTRO (Mom! I told you to post as anonymous!):

Highly Recommended!!!by Anonymous
Customer Rating:5 Stars
Imaginative, witty & an easy read. A great escape into the mind of someone who really knows how to capture our world of silent musings and transpose them into amusing vignettes that we can all appreciate.
Seinfeldesque likeability. Takes those quirky little unconscious yet everyday situations that we all experience into the forefront of our reality.

A GREAT READ!!!by Anonymous
Customer Rating:5 Stars
So funny, I could really relate to some of the crazy events this poor girl went through. I'm telling everyone I know to read this.

If not for the readers who took the time to laugh and express their emotions over the train wreck that is our heroine, KC, I might have given up the idea that I could be providing some type of service to the masses.
My husband is glad that you have given me a maybe I'll be too busy to dig through his tool box for fun. After the pound cake batter incident, his drill just hasn't been the same. And maybe those really long bits that I used to hold up my tomato plants will be returned to their rightful owner. Not sure if I will stop using the table saw as a bread cutter though...I can't get those clean cuts with just any old knife!
If it isn't over the top, it isn't KAFE CASTRO!


El Jefe said...

You Can Keep Using The Table Saw If You Promise To Give Back My Tape Measure, It's Not A Paper Weight...

grannydonna said...

Keep doing what you are doing... it's good for your spirit and everyone else's spirit too !!! GOOD WORK !!! Question...Did you use the power drill to MIX the pancake batter? Very funny.