Sunday, May 10, 2015


Motherhood is considered a thankless job by some and a blessing by others.

Over the twenty plus years that I have been a member of the Moms Club, my perspective has changed again and again and again. Each milestone brings with it new challenges, new experiences, and if you're looking for it, plenty of laughs.

For the past few weeks, as Mother's Day approaches, I've been tweeting some of my real time observations and am sharing them with all my fellow club members today .


Some are nice:

Motherhood is needing a nap, but not wanting to miss even a second with your kids.. .

Motherhood is listening to other parents groan about their kids being out of school for the summer while you secretly do a happy dance...

Some are unspoken understandings:

First rule of motherhood: We all know the kids make the schedules, but we don't talk about it.

Motherhood is buying the pizza, but not actually getting a slice...

 A few are sacrifices that come with the job:

Some make you laugh hard enough to get you through the day:

I love my kids...I swear I love my kids...
Motherhood is not talking to your kids in the same way you would as if it was a total stranger that threw up on your shoes...
Motherhood is smiling because your kids are being nice to each other--about three seconds before one starts screaming that the other licked her face...

Some defy categorization:

And some make you feel like the luckiest girl ever:

Motherhood is full of surprises. Like when you tell the kids to clean the house and you get no response--because they are actually cleaning.

is being tackled by your kids on Mother's Day. And although you are lying underneath three bodies, knees bruised and hip probably broken, you choke back tears. Not because you are being strangled by their intense hugs, but because you feel completely and utterly LOVED.

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Meghan Sara said...

Love the cheez doodle one!

CF Winn said... fave is the licking the face thing...true story with my daughters. Thanks for reading.