Friday, January 23, 2015

Dear Pampered Teens

Dear PAMPERED teens,

Sorry you had to wait an extra hour for food this afternoon. I forgot that since you opted out of lunch at school, it is MY responsibilty to drop everything l'm doing and run a hot meal over to you before your after school activities begin. #MyBad.

Love Mom

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The Teacher said...

After reading a piece in National Geographic Magazine on how the brain is wired at birth and how it rewires itself from being a child at about age 12 when you become a teenager and then rewires itself against around age 25, a process that actually leads to what we call maturity---although I question that the last time the brain rewires itself that leads to sensible people---I no longer look at teens the same.

Those crazy, spoiled, wild, I know everything, adolescent years might have more to do with the way the average brain rewires itself between ages 15 - 25, then it does anything else.

I know that after I read that piece in NGM, I then understood why I behaved and thought the way I did between those ages. I think it is a miracle that any of us survive to reach 30+.

I think this is the piece I'm talking about:

NGM says, "our brains undergo a massive reorganization between our 12th and 25th years"

CF Winn said...

Well thank you for reading and sharing! This is great!

The Teacher said...

You are welcome.