Friday, December 26, 2014

My Five Picks For Most Memorable 2014

It is no secret that like attracts like, so of course I am in touch with some of the funniest bloggers out there and they know who I am too.

But there are other sides to my personality and those other sides are interested in more than just stalking my kids with a camera phone so I can video and post embarrassing situations for my own entertainment.

Since it's the end of the year, I'd like to acknowledge and pay tribute to some outstanding writers who made me laugh, think, and learn a thing or two over the past twelve months. You may have read some of them, but if you haven't, I hope you enjoy their thoughts and perspectives as much as I did.

1. Molly D. Campbell 
Blog: View From The Empty Nest
Post: Mother

Molly writes in a style similar to Erma Bombeck - for anyone younger than me, before I lose you, Erma was our Tina Fey from 1965-1995 - so it is no wonder that Molly is a two time Erma Bombeck Award winner.

She writes about her husband the accordionist, her daughters and grandson, and current events. One of the best things about her is that she has a knack for transforming the mundane - like housework and insomnia - into funny, relatable blog posts.

Earlier this year, just in time for Mother's Day, she wrote a piece that stuck with me. It was more serious than her usual style, but it filled me with emotions I hadn't expected to feel when I clicked the link.

If you're a mom, have a mom, or want to be a mom, this short post shows the impact mothers have on their children. It is written by a little girl who became a mom:

2. Lisa R. Petty 
Blog: Petty Thoughts
Post: Google Stalking A Former Bully

Bullying has progressed along with the rest of the world. There are the old school bullies who steal lunch money and shove kids in lockers, but then there are also the ones who cyber bully, and in both scenarios, there are the victims who carry the memories around with them into adulthood.

In this post, Lisa turns the technological tables on her former childhood bully, and shows us all a slightly different perspective about forgiveness and compassion. I'll never look at someone again without wondering what their story is.

3. Greg Mischio
Blog: Epiphanies That Will Alter The Course Of Human Events
Post: Become A Gazillionaire By Teaching Your Cat To Talk 

Greg not only has amazing ideas, but he's funny. And then there's cats. 

When I need a break from life but not from out of the box thinking, this is the site I turn to. It's the place where crazy roams and bizarre dreams are born. And who can't use a few extra bucks? 

This post has it all.
4. Journey McGuire
Blog: Happy Heathen
Post: Part 4 of the Law of Attraction: The Most Awesome Physics Lesson Ever 

I try not to think so much. But after a few moments of clearing my mind, I can't help but wonder if I will be able to breathe on my own without thinking about it. And then I notice that I have a sore throat and that I don't have any cold medicine in the house and how will I be able to go out and get some if I'm in bed, and do I even have enough money for Benadryl? Or food? And OMG did I mail off the check for the electric bill?!

According to Journey's newest series of posts, our thoughts create what is going on in our lives. And what's so great about reading this particular article is that she appeals to those that favor religious based thinking, science based thinking, or a combo of both. 

I'm so into it because I can't seem to get on the same vibration as the new Starbucks for Life sweepstakes and would really love to win, but I suspect that my desperation might have something to do with it.

5. Carrie Ann Lahain
Blog: Carrie's Notebook
Post: Why Even Crappy Holidays Count

I read this post today. When I was done, I wanted everyone to read this perspective on finding the positive, (especially during the holidays) no matter the circumstances. It moved me so much that I felt like I had to include it here.

Carrie's humorous and heartfelt writing style really got me thinking. I'm sure that if I read it just three more times, I might be able to find the good under the insane mess on my son's bedroom floor.

I'd like to thank a few sites for sharing their space with me this year:

The Masquerade Crew: Five Reasons Why Insanity Doesn't Work

The Lindenhurst Patch: Cabaret: The Lindenhurst High School Musical...So What??

Humor Outcasts: The Psychology of Cell Phones

Jan's Blog: My Favorite Four Letter Words

The Leaning Post: Review of SUKI 

The Point of the Quill: Changemaker 2.0 Series: CF Winn and SUKI

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Journey McGuire said...

That Starbucks for Life Sweepstakes would be hard for even Jesus to win, so don't let it get you down too much. But kudos for aiming high!

Carrie Ann said...

Thanks so much for the kind words about my latest newsletter. We send our messages out into the world with a click of the mouse hoping they will connect with someone. When it happens, it's wonderful!

CF Winn said...

Maybe if Jesus and I work together...

CF Winn said...

You've got that right. I just hope that one day my message is more than just, "Long live Starbucks and sushi!"

Terry Tyler said...

Great post, and good to see Greg Mischio featured, he's one of my favourites!

CF Winn said...

Yeah he is awesome. Thanks for reading Terry! it's always good to hear from you!