Sunday, February 10, 2013


Meet Chantay:

This hopeless romantic grew up believing that her mother had mind-reading/super-hearing powers , because "she always knew, or had some idea of what I was about to do."
"It never occured to me that I was the youngest of four, and that one of my siblings had probably already tried to do many, if not all of the same things. A lot of times when I thought I was being secretive and whispering, she overheard everything I was saying, because I just really did not know how to whisper."

When Chantay was in 7th grade, her friends decided to smoke before school. They planned it out and assigned each person a supply that they were to bring. Vanessa was supposed to sneak cigarettes, Lucille had gum, and Chantay stocked up on matches. The morning of the great smokescapade, as Chantay was leaving the house, her mother said, " Have a good day... and if I ever catch you smoking I will make you eat the ashes."
'Nuff said. Chantay did not meet up with her friends, and her mother's extrasensory persona went live: "I was convinced that my mother was a mind-reading/ super-hearing woman."

Now, all grown up, Chantay is a teacher. If she asked her students, she's sure they would confirm that she had inherited the ability to read minds because, "I always know what is going on. If they are about to tell me something, I say that I'm already aware, and they can't understand how...just like the way my mom knew with me."

"The truth is, my students have also never mastered the art of whispering, and they assume that when they're talking around me, I have my head buried in paperwork, so I'm not listening. They know nothing about multitasking, and have no idea that I hear everything they say, whether it's good or bad, without looking up. Most of the time I intervene before the drama happens. They act like they hate it, but I'm sure they are thanking me later...just not to my face."

To most, Chantay is a fun loving, free spirit. She attributes that to her parents: "If the gift of gab is a power, then I got that from my mom. If humor is too, then I inherited that from my dad."

Those abilities landed her a ticket to Superbowl XLVII where she was seen holding up a handwritten sign:

... and after a bit of Mardi Gras fun, she took off for Trinidad where she is presently dancing and mocking the East Coast blizzard (and this writer!) from the comfort of a 90 degree beach.

I asked her what she thinks about when she is talking to people. Her mischievous smile is always the same, and it made me question what goes on behind it.

She answered: "When I was a waitress and had extremely annoying costumers, I would wonder if they have friends, or why would they come out the house looking the way that they did at the time...then I would start to wonder if when I go out to restaurants, do the waitresses think the same things about me?!"

I pressed a little bit more. There's an eternally romantic side to Chantay that sometimes gets lost in the KAFE CASTROesque public persona she presents:

Like what you see? To read the rest, and to find out who killed Chantay's boyfriend, go to:

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