Wednesday, December 5, 2012


At the SUKI book launch, I was asked about where I get my characters/stories from. I answered, “I am the Taylor Swift of the literary world…if we experience it together, or if you tell me about it… you should now consider yourself warned.”

Everyone has a story, and everybody is interesting. I have a gift for digging that out. I will be compiling them here for your reading pleasure. As one SUKI fan put it, “…it’s unbelievable how you just never know what somebody has been through in life…” Believe me, you never know the impact your experience may have on someone else.


He was shy about putting his picture up with his post, but this thirty-something year old is very outspoken when it comes to history. If you so much as mispronounce Iroquois…by including the silent “S”… he will be all over you before you can finish reciting the famous rhyme that reminds schoolchildren of what year, “Columbus sailed the ocean blue”. A few years back, he had dreamed of becoming a Social Studies teacher, but at that time, there was a surplus of candidates for that subject. He settled for being a gym teacher and made peace with dressing in sweats everyday while hanging out and playing games with his middle school students.

Donald was in his element. Although he has no biological kids of his own, he has been a surrogate father to his niece and nephew since they were born to his teenage sister, ten years ago. His own father walked out on his mom, and when Donald saw the conditions in which his sister was raising her own kids, he stepped in quickly, wanting them to have a better life. Even before landing a job at the school, Donald was in the Big Brother mentoring program, and coached little league baseball…he has my vote for: Most Committed to Today’s Youth!

As we talked though, I said, “Donald, you sound like the perfect guy, but we both know that’s not true…nobody’s perfect. So what is one bad habit that you are willing to reveal to my readers?”

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