Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time, I didn't feel so good about life.

I was a little beat up, maybe a bit depressed, and each day dragged. I tried to change things. I went to my colorist and had her put blond highlights in my hair. I thought maybe a new look would do me some good, but it didn't.

My desire to sleep the days away grew stronger. Unfortunately, life did go on and from time to time, I had to leave the house. My kids were young and had to be brought to and from school, and I had many errands to run.

One of the items on my task list was to renew my drivers license. That meant taking a picture.


I looked in the mirror before I left for the DMV. My face was puffy and my eyes had dark circles around them. I did nothing to fix myself. I dreaded going and it showed. The photo was awful, and my smile was obviously forced.

Eventually, I came out of my funk and got better, but I didn't go back to Motor Vehicle and get a new picture taken. I decided to keep it as a reminder of what can happen when you forget to laugh.

Some time later, a cashier decided to ID me when I used my bank card to pay for groceries. She took one look and told me that the picture on my license wasn't me. She mistook my blond highlights for grey hair and said that the person in the picture was too old to be me.

I was dumbfounded.

Apparently, I had aged quite a few reverse, just like Benjamin Button!

She was adamant and would not let me leave. I finally had to pull out my library card,so she could see my name and compare the picture on that to my license.I explained that I wasn't an underage trying to get into a club, I was just a customer trying to buy some cereal for my kids.

Once in the car,I thought about it and realized that I had come a long way from the robot that got up every morning, made breakfast, and took the kids to school/daycare. I would work three jobs and sleep four hours a night before I had to get up and do it again.

And I sat and laughed because I remembered to this time. I should have been flattered. I should have hugged her and kissed her for refusing my money because I was a babe. But after all of that turmoil at the register, I had rudely made my point, and left all of my bags inside the store!


Monica said...

I'm happy for you that this story ended on a positive note :)I know it isn't easy to laugh when you're down, but doctors should prescribe to do it at least once a day.

Stacey Roberts said...

What a great story! Once again you have expertly and effortlessly captured what all us tellers of tales work so hard at - a day in the life - a story of significance, hope, and redemption. Nice to see a master at work.

Christina Fifield-Winn said...

Monica, you are so right!
Stacey, you'd better stop or you're going to give me a big head! Master?? LOL

Stacey Roberts said...

Yes, Master...

Christina Fifield-Winn said...

Sssstace...What is wrong with you? Stop being such a kisssss asssss....and I can't believe you put up a new post and didn't tell me you son of a bitch....LOL