Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SUKI: The Sneak Peek

This is a little taste of my novella: SUKI

Life offers one guarantee…death.

SUKI tells the story of Savannah, an independent go getter, who allows fear to keep her from being completely happy, and Dwayne, a softhearted ex-Marine with a talent for creativity. The couple is destined to find each other and carry out a preordained agreement made long before their human feet enter this Earthly plane. Their connection is tangible and their lives easy - until they are presented with one challenge that shakes them to their cores.

The couple's subsequent struggle to make sense of their imploding world comes to a head in the epilogue, where a shocking secret is revealed in an overdue letter.

We all assume we know what love is, but think again. It comes in many shapes and sizes. If you knew ahead of time that you’d never see ”happily ever after“, would you choose to live at all for the sake of love?

CF Winn flexes her story telling muscle and shows us why she is an award winning author. SUKI will grab your heart and make you think about your place…and your purpose in this world.

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So many suffer silently. It's time to open the discussion on this topic.


They pull up in front of a brown low ranch on a street lined with the same type of run down, but neatly kept properties. Missy stands on the cement porch, leaning unhappily against a stone pillar. Savannah waves from Leisa’s car, but Missy doesn’t seem to notice.
A lawn mower stands idle in the driveway although the smell of fresh cut grass envelopes her when she steps out onto the sidewalk. 
In the front yard, a tall, bulky man tosses a football around with a boy who appears to be about twelve years old. The man is wearing an awful orange sweatshirt that looks as if it might have gotten caught in the lawnmower. The sleeves are haphazardly cut off, and the band that belongs around the bottom of the torso is missing.
The boy lives down the block. He lost his dad to a fatal overdose, and is at this house often, just hanging out. Sometimes he asks for advice, afraid he might end up like his father. He’s never turned away and always listened to. Much later, this seemingly innocent game of catch will strike her as an enormously kind act.
The older guy flashes her a toothy grin when Savannah get out of the car, then goes back to his game.
She watches for a few moments. Each time he lets the ball go, a bit of the shirt flaps up, revealing tight knots of muscles on his arms. His six pack abs twist and contract with every catch, and his smile never wavers. A piece of dried grass hangs from the back of his tight black curls, and his chin is smudged with dirt, but his eyes are shiny, almost inviting you to laugh with him.
She’s startled when to her right she hears a soft, “Hi.”
A shorter, Hispanic man grins widely next to her. She stares at the exposed gaps in his gums where several teeth should be, at a loss for words. He reeks of motor oil. She hopes that his dirty appearance is a result of working on the motionless mower.
“I’m Tommy”, he says, and extends his hand. His voice is slightly high pitched and missing the lisp one might expect from a person with an absent front tooth.
As she reluctantly shakes his hand, Leisa creeps up quietly. Their expressions are so similar that she and Tommy could be twins. And that’s when she knows why Leisa has chosen her to come. 
Repulsed, she takes a visible step backward, away from him. Savannah shakes her head at her friend.
Leisa looks at her questioningly; not in a, “I have no idea why you look like you’re going to puke” way, but instead in an, “Are you kidding me? This guy is such a toothless prize!” kind of way. 
Savannah begins to turn, with the intention of running to the car and driving away without Leisa, when a voice suddenly appears behind her. 
“Are those your drawers, or are they attached to the pants?”
This voice is low, sexy, and very interested in her choice of wardrobe. She’s wearing tight, ripped up jeans. Her brother’s boxers, decorated with comic strip panels, line the holes in the denim, providing an excellent excuse for someone to stare at her rear without getting slapped.
Something tells her that the voice knows exactly what the cartoons say.
 Savannah smiles and turns, both intrigued and relieved at the interruption.
“They’re my drawers.  Like ‘em?”
She’s staring at the chest in the orange sweatshirt. 
Stunned, she tilts her head and looks up into his face. There’s no one next to or behind him, and the twelve year old is walking down the sidewalk, away from them all. 
And that’s when it happens.
Something in her clicks. She can’t hear it; none of them can, but Savannah feels a very tangible shift that lasts less than a second. At that moment, all of us are affected, but none more than the two of them. He’ll claim that he knew the minute he saw her step out of the car, but at that instant, when she feels it too, everything falls into place, and our destinies are decided.  
Savannah does what so many of us do when given a glimpse of the big picture.
She blows it off. 

CF Winn is the award-winning author of The COFFEE BREAK SERIES, a hilarious group of short stories meant to be read while on break or in the waiting room of the doctor's office. Her first novella, SUKI, has been grabbing hearts and hugging souls all over the United States.

You can now order SUKI in paperback at BOOK REVUE, one of the nation’s largest independent bookstores, by email at or by calling (631) 271-1442.
Learn more about SUKI at BOOK REVUE


Will said...

So Good I can't wait for the rest! When are you going to finish it?

Christina Fifield-Winn said...

Thanks Will! I can't wait to see how you feel about the entire story...I like twists and suspense, so I'll let you bite your nails a bit before releasing that

Will said...

This has masterpiece written all over it. Take your time and make it shine. I'll just have to hold on to my seat.

Medic2RN said...

I'm looking forward to reading the rest. Patiently, patiently waiting.....are you finished yet? ;-)

Christina Fifield-Winn said...

It's done! Go to to order (there's another sneak peek there too!)