Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Erin Go Bragh!

I think I saw a Leprechaun yesterday.
Although the temperature was only 29 degrees, she was wearing a black tissue top, green tights and the biggest green felt cap I'd ever seen! How magical!
The many medals hanging from her polyester vest were so heavy that she hunched forward a bit. Her awards convinced me that she must be something special and my car sort of swerved toward her. I'm sure I wanted to rub her head for good luck, but after my fender nicked a mailbox, I decided to keep to my path. Sure that she gets lots of strangers approaching her and demanding a touch or two, I didn't want to just be one of the obnoxious crowd.
She was using a walker to get around on NY Ave in Huntington Station...I hope she didn't get injured because a pot of gold fell ON her!

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